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MABOR is a Polish company established in 1993. We have been trusted and appreciated thanks to our reliability and constantly growing skills of our staff.

We focus on optimizing teams' and individuals' ability to function effectively.

By investing in our own self-development we make sure we provide quality and useful services. Our tools are based on contemporary methodologies. We offer a professional and experienced team, partnership, reliability, focus on problems to solve and adequate methods.

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Mabor Sp. z o.o.
02-909 Warszawa
ul. Św. Bonifacego 104


Centrum Psychologiczno-Medyczne

tel.: 603 116 669, 22 842 25 71
fax.: 22 642 78 50



Centrum Doradztwa i Szkoleń
Centrum Rozwoju Psychoterapeutów
Centrum Interwencji Kryzysowych
Centrum Mediacji Wewnątrzorganizacyjnych

tel.: 721 001 925, 22 642 78 50
fax.: 22 642 78 50